Best Bundt Cake Pans 2023 [Top 10 Reviews]

BY Nathan Tillman Update: December 29, 2021

There is no fixed recipe for making a bundt cake. Rather, the word refers to the shape of a cake, usually with a ridge or groove and a cylindrical hole in the middle.

The biggest advantage of this cake is that you don’t have to worry about the central shape of the cake. Round cakes cook faster because they don’t dry quickly in the oven and usually stay wet. Decorate your cake with simple enamel, chocolate rain, or edible flowers.

For a cake that can be satisfied without pursuing complex decoration technology, Bundt Cake is easy to impress those who accept it.

Best 10 Bundt Pans Reviews

There are several materials used to make bundt pans silicon, ceramics, glass, and metal. The cakes in these pans are of various shapes and beautifully decorated. We can use these pans not only in families but also in restaurants, bakeries, and pastries.

1, Nordic Ware ProForm Bundt Pan with Handles, 12 Cup, standart


Lightweight bakeware made with formed aluminum 12-cup Capacity Non-stick surface for easy clean up Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware

1, Nordic Ware Formed Bundt Pan, 6-Cup, Navy


A flashy 6-cup version of our popular 12-cup formed Bundt pan Fits perfectly into instant cookers too Aluminum construction provides even baking and uniform results Made in the USA 10 year warranty

1, Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick 9-Inch Fluted Tube Pan


Not only can you bake one of those delicious ring cakes in this pan, you can make monkey bread, baked macaroni and cheese and even roast a chicken. Who knew? Nonstick surface offers reinforced coating that provides quick release and easy cleanup. Convenient handles are designed for easy handling in and out of the oven, even while wearing oven mitts. Heavy guage construction that spreads heat evenly and prevents warping. Embossed pan measurements are precise pan measurements that are permanently stamped on handles for quick, easy reference when following your recipes. Affordable bakeware with all the right qualities for better baking results! Item Shape: Round Included Components: Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Fluted Tube Pan, 9-Inch

1, Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Heritage Bundt Pan


Easy to use, easy to remove cake from pan, before each use, brush with butter or shortening and dust with flour or cocoa to coat. Do not use regular cooking spray. Made of cast aluminum for even baking and easy clean up, 10 cup capacity Nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup Hand wash with mild detergent. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware

1, Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan


Great for baking classic fluted tube cakes and festive breads or molding gelatins and frozen desserts Non-stick finish for easy food release and cleanup Hand wash with mild detergent 10-15 cup capacity Made in the USA

1, Wilton Excelle Elite Mini Fluted Tube Cake Pan, 6-Cavity


Perfect for making individual desserts Non-stick surface for easy release and quick cleanup Material: steel Pan Dimensions: 16.5 x 10.5 in. (42 x 26.7 cm), cavity size: 4 x 1.75 in. (10 x 4.4 cm) Limited 10-year warranty

1, Cooking Light Fluted Tube Cake Pan Non-Stick, Quick Release, Carbon Steel Bakeware, 9 Inch, Gray


EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS: This multipurpose fluted cake pan is built to perform and last. Extra durable construction offers even heat distribution. Superior non-stick coating prevents food from sticking. EASY TO CLEAN, INSIDE AND OUT: The non-stick interior releases foods effortlessly for easy cleaning and beautiful results. This fluted tube pan is also 100% dishwasher safe, saving time on clean-up. BAKE YOUR WAY: This high-performance cake pan mold bakes beautiful cakes, like pineapple upside down cake, pound cake, monkey bread and molded gelatin desserts. This fluted tube pan can also make savory foods such as sub sandwich rings, lasagna and stuffing. Get creative and use this pan to make an ice cube ring for a bowl of punch that will last the whole party! USE AND CARE: The advanced non-stick technology is water-based and manufactured without PFOA.

1, Nordic Ware Blossom Bundt Pan


Made of cast aluminum for even baking Nonstick coating is allows for clean removal Fun design is great for holidays and parties 10 Cup capacity Made in the USA

1, Wilton Mini Fluted Tube Pan, 12-Cavity – ,Black


Multi-cavity mini cake pan lets you make several individual desserts at once Reinforced non-stick coating for easy release and quick cleanup Pan dimensions: 17 x 11.25 inch (43.2 x 28.6 centimeter); Cavity dimensions: 1.5 inch dia. x 2.5 inch (3.8 centimeter dia. x 6.4 centimeter) Limited 10-year warranty Dishwasher safe; However for best results, wash in warm, soapy water before first and after each use

1, Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 9-Inch Tube Cake Pan, 2-Piece


9-inch-diameter two-piece tube cake pan for angel food and bundt cakes Heavy-gauge aluminized steel construction heats evenly Whitford Xylan nonstick interior and exterior for easy food release Thick rolled edges prevent warping over time Dishwasher-safe; limited lifetime warranty

Bundt Cake Pans Buying Guide

There’s nothing like Bundt Cake to upgrade dessert. We highly appreciated these cakes for their appearance and taste.

The cake sticking plate of the Bundt Cake plate is round, slotted, and the middle is a hollow column, which increases the visual effect.

Some Bundt Cake Pans have complex decorative patterns at the bottom to form the top of the cake. Others look more classic. The metal surface of the baking pan is the key to baking success, and other additional convenient functions can make your experience easier.

How To Select Bundt Cake Pans

Texture Of Material

Bundt pans have a variety of materials, such as silicon, ceramics, and steel. Most professional bakers believe metal Bundt pans work best. However, the advantages and disadvantages of each type are different.

Silicone pans are not suitable for cake baking. Although they are flexible, it is easy to fall off when the baking pan is placed on a thick silicone plate. Because of the poor thermal conductivity of the material, the bundt cake baked in a silicone pot is rarely brown. However, many people like its lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean design.

The maximum temperature of the ceramic cake tray is lower than that of the metal plate, and it does not have enough elasticity. Most cakes need to be taken out of the pot.

Steel pans are also popular because of their uniform heat distribution. This is a prerequisite for making thick cakes. They are more durable and heavier than aluminum pans. Lighter stainless steel makes the cake cook more evenly.

Carbon steel can make a good grill, but because of its dark color, we must examine it to avoid premature browning.


The color of the surface of the pan will also affect the texture and appeal of the final product. Generally, the light surface is better than the dark surface, because the dark surface will produce a dry shell, which will become too yellow before there is enough time for proper baking inside the cake.


Full-size bundt cake trays range in size from 9 to 15 cups, which means they can hold 9 to 15 cups of dough. Standard sizes are 10 to 12 cups. Mini pans of various shapes and sizes are everywhere on the market, but because the most common size of pans is 10 to 12 cups. If you are not sure what size you want, we recommend you choose the standard bread package size.

Decorative Edge

The striking decorative design is the symbol of the cake pan. Some pans have classic arched round edges. Other designs are more complex, with swirls, leaves, flowers, or other eye-catching patterns. But the more complex the design, the more difficult it is to take out the cake completely.

Anti Stick Coating

To ensure that we take the cake out after baking, apply an anti-stick coating on the pan to ensure a smooth process. However, few coatings are the best.

How to clean the bundt cake pan

1、 After baking, wipe the inner edge of the pan with a paper towel to remove cake residues, such as bread crumbs. Then pour hot water into an empty pan and soak for half an hour.

2、 Empty the pan and gently clean the curves and wrinkles with a toothbrush or soft brush. Don’t forget to clean the pan tube because it may contain residues.

3、 Before rinsing with water, clean the frying pan with baking soda to remove the smell. Rinse with half a cup of water and dry the pan with a napkin.

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