The 10 Best Cabinet Locks 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

BY Nathan Tillman Update: December 30, 2021

The baby likes to look for things everywhere every day. He can open the cabinet door dozens of times a day. If he is not careful, the cabinet door will pinch his finger.

Hundreds of children were injured by eating cleaning products.

But you can’t put all household chemicals or sharp objects on the top shelf.

Cabinet safety lock is the most convenient and cheap way to keep children away from dangerous goods. These useful tools are pasted on the doors of your kitchen and bathroom so that your children can’t touch them.

Best 10 Cabinet Locks Reviews

To ensure family safety, you may need to buy high-quality safety locks. This article will help you easily choose the right wardrobe safety lock. We have tested dozens of products to provide you with a perfect guide on how to choose the right products.

1, Upgraded Invisible Baby Proofing Cabinet Latch Locks (10 Pack) – No Drilling or Tools Required for Installation, Works with Most Cabinets and Drawers, Works with Countertop Overhangs, Highly Secure


UPGRADED VERSION – taking to heart feedback from our customers, this new version features a longer hook arm that works even in kitchens with countertop overhangs. It also has greater adhesive surface area for greater security! EASY FOR ADULTS TO OPEN, SECURE AGAINST KIDS – The locks can handle at least 20lbs of pull tension, more than enough to keep cabinets locked against kids. Meanwhile, parents and adults can easily open locked cabinets with one press against the spring-loaded latch, without any need for special keys or magnets. EASY AND DAMAGE-FREE INSTALLATION – No tools required! These are installed using strong 3M adhesives. You won’t need to drill holes and screws into your cabinets, drawers and cupboards, and the adhesives can be removed without leaving marks. This is especially useful for renters. Your furniture won’t have to be damaged to protect your curious children. INVISIBLE DESIGN – unlike other magnetic and knob locks, these locks are hidden behind your cabinet and furniture doors, and hidden away from your curious children’s attention. Your kitchen and furniture will look just as beautiful without obtrusive safety devices interfering with its aesthetics. ONE SIZE FITS ALL – these latches will fit your cabinetry whether they have crossbars or not, and regardless of size. For cabinets without crossbars, the supplied buckles will lock the latches in place.

1, Child Cabinet Locks | Invisible Design Baby Proof Safety Locks for Cabinets | Easy Adhesive (3M) NO Tools Needed No Drilling Closet and Drawer Latches | 12 Pack! (White)


Plastic ?? EASY AND CONVENIENT ➜ Our cabinet locks are so EASY TO INSTALL with no tools at all. Peel the film; stick it on and your all set. If your drawer has something to hook on to, you don’t even need to stick on the buckles. ?? NO KEY ➜ These safety locks for your child require NO KEY TO OPEN the locked cabinets. No worries about loosing keys. ?? UNIVERSAL FIT ➜ Supplied with catch and latch, virtually ANY CABINET, DRAWER and CLOSET can be made baby safe. And your furniture will be left undamaged when it’s time to remove the baby proofing. ?? INVISIBLE DESIGN ➜ These locks are designed for the inside of drawers and cabinets which will not get your curious baby’s attention or destroy the beauty of your furniture. ?? PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT ➜ These make for a great baby shower GIFT or new baby present. New parents will be prepared when their infant begins crawling.

1, QT BABY Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks | Adjustable U Shaped Baby Safety Latches for Drawers, Fridge, Closet |Modern Baby Proofing Cabinet Lock with Extra Secure Lock Buttons (Pack of 2)


KEEPS YOUR CHILD OUT OF CABINETS: Kids are curious and can get themselves into some serious danger nosing through cabinets and drawers. These cabinet locks for babies are the solution to keep your little one safe. ADDED PREMIUM SECURITY FEATURES: Most babyproofing locks look good on the handle but are easy for kids to get around. Not Ours. Ours have extra security with a double safety lock buttons that little kids cannot figure out how to unlock. NO TOOLS NEEDED: Don’t worry, you won’t need any special equipment or have to hire a handyman to come in and install these child proof locks for cabinet doors. Adults can slip them on and off with ease. Kids on the other hand, Cannot! PACKAGE: Every order includes two portable baby handle door locks. You can adjust the lock from largest 6 inches to smallest 1 inch and anywhere in between. This ensures that you always have the right sliding baby latch to fit your cabinet or drawer SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our aim is to deliver high quality and risk free products. Your Package is backed up by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with no questions asked. Order Now to keep your Baby Safe!

1, Child Safety Strap Locks (4 Pack) for Fridge, Cabinets, Drawers, Dishwasher, Toilet, 3M Adhesive No Drilling – Jool Baby


Adjustable straps are great to child proof fridges, cabinets, drawers, oven, washer machine, toilets, closet, waste bin, etc. Simple tool-free installation. Our safety straps attach with a strong 3M adhesive to secure your home. Our baby safety locks can adjust from 3″” to 7″”. They will fit almost any size appliance and furniture. Includes Manufacturers 10 year warranty

1, Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks – Child Safety Locks for Cabinets and Drawers – Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks (4 Locks + 1 Key)


TAMPERPROOF – Outsmart your child with our intuitive baby magnetic locks for cabinets. Our magnet lock is designed to be placed inside the cabinet to keep it out of sight and immune to child tampering. STRONG AS SCREWS – Engineered with microscopic suction holes our cabinet latches are equipped with 3M adhesive tape that can withstands the most persistent attempts from any toddler. COMPLETELY INVISIBLE – Imagine a child lock that’s completely concealed from everyone, including toddlers – making your home more appealing, while also providing ideal child protection. PEACE OF MIND – Rest assured that the dangers within your kitchen cabinets are off-limits to children, allowing you to have peace of mind while your children explore your home. WORKS ON ALL CABINETS – Discover that with our innovative lock design, you can rest assured that these locks fit any cabinets style, providing a hassle free purchase

1, Vmaisi Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Locks (12 Locks and 2 Keys)


12 LOCKS and 2 KEYS:Vmaisi Baby Proofing Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Locks, Child Safety for Drawers and Cabinets WORKS FOR MOST CABINETS AND DRAWERS: Baby proofing magnetic cabinet locks work on cabinets and drawers door for childproof. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry room, storage area, and bedroom INVISIBLE FROM OUTSIDE: Cabinet Locks install inside cabinets or drawers, concealed from children and guests, making your home more appealing, while cabinet locks child safety also providing ideal child protection KEEP YOUR BABY SAFE: The magnetic baby safety lock is to keep your curious little kids away from drawers and cupboards filled with dangerous tools with simple, Baby safety cabinet locks allowing you to have peace of mind while your children explore your home MAGNETIC LOCKING SYSTEM: Baby Safety Magnetic cabinet locks install on the inside of your cabinet or drawer. The fixings are secured with tape to keep your locks in place. Magnetic keys are provided to disengage the locks. Should you misplace the keys, any strong magnet can be used to disengage the lock

1, Kohree Upgrade Cabinet Cam Lock Set, 5 Pack Keyed Alike 1-1/8 Inch Cam Locks Secure File Drawer Dresser Mailbox RV Cylinder Replacement Lock Hardware, Chrome-Finish Zinc Alloy


Premium & Durable: Due to over 60,000 times operating measurement and upgrade zinc alloy material by precision casting process, Kohree file cabinet replacement locks ensure better antioxidant, waterproof and rustproof performance, resisting corrosion and wear for long-term use. Universal & Versatile: With 1-1/8″” cylinder length and 1-7/8″” lock plate, it can fit a material thickness of up to 1″”. It’s a standard size cam lock with 3/4″” diameter, suitable for desk drawers, cabinets, tabletop showcases, camper or RV doors. Convenient & Practical: A convenient keyed alike lock set includes 5 locks with 10 keys (including 5 backup keys), allowing all locks to be operated by one key. It’s non-key retaining so that you can remove the key from the locked and unlocked position. Protective & Private: It provides sufficient safety, not only securing your important items but also protecting your kids from dangerous items like sharp tools and inedible cleaning supplies. Besides, it offers high privacy for personal items from being peeked by others. Lifetime Customer Service: We take full responsibility for our product and hope this cranach cabinet replacement lock keep you safe and private. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need help with the item.

1, Safety 1st OutSmart Flex Lock, White, 4 Pack


Prominent decoy button can be pushed by child, with no effect Flexible surface hides functional buttons in plain sight Easy installation with no drilling required Fits on both cabinet knobs and handle pulls Hangs conveniently out of the way for times when it’s not needed

1, Cabinet Locks – Adoric Child Safety Locks 4 Pack – Baby Safety Cabinet Locks – Baby Proofing Cabinet Kitchen System with Strong Adhesive Tape


Keep Baby Safe: Prevent your babies’ fingers from being hurt by cabinet’s doors or dangerous objects in it. It is easy for adults to open while extremely difficult for toddlers. Durable Material: The locks are made of superior and durable ABS material. Nontoxic and odorless, it is difficult to be damaged by toddlers. Provide long lifespan service. Wide Application: 4 packs of safety locks perfectly lock the cabinets, drawers and cupboards. Lock all dangerous things and protect your babies away from danger. Easy Installation: No drills or tools needed. Easily install the cabinet locks with 3M adhesive tapes. Just peel off the backing film of adhesive and stick the lock on the cabinet or cupboard doors. Risk-free Warranty We provide ONE YEAR replacement and refund warranty service. If you meet any dissatisfactions or problems, please contact us without hesitation.

1, Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks, U Shaped Baby Safety Locks, Childproof Cabinet Latch for Kitchen Bathroom Storage Doors, Knobs and Handles (4-Pack, White)


Adjustable With an extra-long U-shaped latch, the maximum lock length is up to 5 inches. This allows you to flexibly adjust the lock to different handles and configurations. Easy Installation, No tools or drills needed. Easily finish the installation in seconds. No- adhesive design helps to conveniently remove the lock without leaving marks on the furniture. Squeeze both buttons simultaneously to unlock, which is easy for adults but certainly difficult for babies. Wide Application Suitable for all kinds of mushroom shaped knobs and D- shaped or annular handles, such as cabinets, side-by-side refrigerators, cupboards, storage doors and more. 4 Pcs Included- safety locks for multiple doors use. Reusable and convenient lock meets the exact requirements for your needs, safely keeping curious babies and active pets away from cabinets. Perfect gift for those with babies and pets.

Cabinet Locks Buying Guide

Cabinet safety locks protect children. Adults can easily open them, but it is almost impossible for your children to open them. Many of them are devices that can be fixed or pasted on cabinets, drawers, and appliances with doors, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave ovens.

Where Do I Need A Safety Lock?

1、 Drum washing machine: the height of most washing machines from the ground to the drum door of the washing machine is about 20 to 30 cm. Children aged 3 to 4 can easily open the drum door, and the diameter of the drum door is about 50 cm. Ordinary children can easily drill into the drum. Therefore, the drum washing machine must be equipped with a safety cabinet safety lock to avoid accidents.

2、 Toilet: it’s best to install a safety buckle on the toilet cover. When not in use, it can prevent the naughty baby from putting his little hand or head into the toilet. It’s best to put down the toilet cover every time you use it, so it’s safer and hygienic. It can avoid those babies who like to use toilet paper blocking the toilet.

3、 Small cabinet outside the drawer: baby is very curious. His little hand always keeps picking here and there. The cabinet outside the drawer surface refers to that the drawer can be opened with a handle from the front, and we left narrow strips on the left and right sides of the drawer to connect with the two sides of the cabinet. The drawer can also be opened by pushing from the side to the direction of opening the drawer, which has the potential safety hazard of pinching the baby’s hands.

How To Select Cabinet Lock

Screw drill holes inside the cabinet door and fix the lock in place with screws. This method is very safe, but it will leave a hole in your wardrobe door for a long time after the baby is born.

Adhesive: they fixed some locks on the cabinet with strong adhesive pads. Just remove the pad, stick the pad in the correct position and keep it safe. When using this style, you must measure carefully, because most we must place styles in the correct position to snap and lock, and there is only one chance to paste them in the correct position.

Door latch: these locks are fixed on the inside of the door and fixed on the inner frame of the vehicle or the impact plate connected to it. To open them, press the latch so that its tip is off the frame or latch. We fixed most of these locks with screws or adhesive.

Push locks: these locks extend to cabinets, microwave ovens, and other types of double doors to remain locked. The user must press the buttons on both tabs to open them. We usually bond this style with adhesive.

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