Best Dual Fuel Ranges 2023 [Top 10 Reviews]

BY Nathan Tillman Update: December 17, 2021

Are you still wondering whether gas or electric cooking is better?

Are you still in the market for a better gas stove?

Do you wish to install an electric oven below the burner?

Then your best bet is a dual fuel range.

If you have a gas line in your kitchen, choosing the dual fuel range offers the best of both worlds experience.

On the one hand, the gas stove heats faster, meanwhile, the burner cools faster and, of course, costs less to maintain.

On the other hand, the electric range not only has a uniform and consistent heat but also provides rapid warm-up.

Best 10 Dual Fuel Range Reviews

To help you make a better choice, we tested more than 30 dual-fuel ranges.

We use ovens to bake cookies and cakes to test evenness and ripeness.

We specifically compare the ease of use of controls, handles, knobs, self-cleaning cycle options, etc.

In the end, we found that the best dual-fuel range was a balance between size and type, with evenly baked and heated.

Rather than sacrifice utility for added functionality, choosing them will make you feel worth it no matter what your budget.

1, Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range


• 5 PERFORMANCE BURNERS: High performance gas burners which allow you to cook from a high heat for boiling, frying or searing to a low simmer for the most delicate sauces, including 18,000 BTU Burner (x1), 7,000 BTU Burners (x2), 8,500 BTU Burner (x1) and 5,000 BTU Burner (x1)

• TURBO TRUE EUROPEAN CONVECTION: Designed to cook food more evenly in less time and at a lower temperature than in a standard oven. Oven has a 3.8 cu. ft. capacity and 8 functions: Traditional Bake, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, High Broil, Low Broil, Pizza, Defrost, Light

• MODERN EUROPEAN DESIGN: Range design blends seamlessly with other stainless steel kitchen appliances for modern home makeovers. Exceptional speed and precision with a Cosmo Dual Fuel Range

2, Thorkitchen HRD3088U 30″ Freestanding Professional Style Dual Fuel Range


• 4.2 cubic feet. oven capacity for multiple cooking

• Top Electric broiler 3,500W

• Electric convection oven: 850W(top)&3000W(base)

• Features 4 burners: (1)18,000 BTU burners, (2)12,000 BTU dual burners,(1)15,000 BTU dual burners with 650BTU simmer function

• Manual convection cooking mode and oven control

3, Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS 30″ Slide-in Dual-Fuel Range


• 2.4 Upper 3.3 Lower Cu. Ft. Convection Flex Duo Oven

• Flex Duo Dual Door Provides Ultimate Cooking Flexibility

• 5 Sealed Burners, 5000 – 22000 BTUs

• 22K BTU Brass Burner Goes From High Heat To True Simmer

4, Bosch HDI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel Dual Fuel (Gas) Slide-In Sealed Burner Range


• 5 Sealed Burners

• 18,000 BTU Center Burner

• 4.6 cu. ft. European Convection Oven

• Self-Clean

• 11 Cooking Modes

5, ZLINE 30 in. Professional Gas Range


• Hand Crafted Italian Burners deliver powerful cooking performance

• SmoothSlide ball bearing oven racks

• Self Clean Feature

• Built in exterior timer

• Manufactured with dent resistant stainless steel, premium alloy, and a no scratch porcelain top.

6, Thorkitchen HRD4803U 48″ Freestanding Professional Style Dual Fuel Range


• 30 inch with 4.2 cubic feet oven capacity, Top electric broiler at 3,500W and electric convection oven 3,850W

• 18″” unit: 2.5 cubic feet electric oven capacity with 2,500W.Oven fan:120 V, 60 Hz, 0.45 Amp-0.65 Amp,Cooling Fan: 120 V, 60 Hz, , 0.35 Amp-0.55 Amp

• 304 stainless steel 15,000BTU griddle

7, Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365SS 36 inch Dual Fuel Range


• Storage Drawer, Digital Clock and Timer, Heavy Duty Racks,Flame Failure Safety Device

• EZ Clean Porcelain Oven Surface, Primary Oven Capacity 4 cu. ft. European Convection oven

• LP Kit Included, Stainless Steel Round Oven Handle,Chrome knobs, Beveled oven door, Adjustable Stainless steel legs- Width (in) 35 ⅞ Height (in) w/o Backguard 35 ⅜ – 37 ¼ Height (in) of Backguard 2 (in) 24 Depth (in) with Backguard 25 ⅝” Weight (lbs.) 250

8, Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range


• 4.2 cu. ft. oven capacity for cooking multiple dishes

• High powered 22,000 BTU convection oven

• Features 4 burners: 18,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU and twin 12,000 BTU burners

• Modern stainless steel surface is easy to clean and looks great

9, Kucht KRD366F-S Professional 36″ 5.2 cu. ft. Dual Fuel Range


• Cook and bake like a pro with the extra-large convection oven with 5. 2 cu. ft. of capacity, 5 rack configuration and extra-large oven window

• 6 burner gas range includes three 18, 000 BTU burner, two 15, 000 BTU dual burner with simmer and one 12, 000 BTU burners

• Matching the power of professional kitchens, this range features a convection oven with 2 bake elements of 3, 000-Watt (Base) and 850-Watt (Top) and a broiler heating element of 3, 500-Watt (Top)

10, Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DBU 36 inch. Dual Fuel Range


• 5 Sealed Gas Burners 2 Turbo-Electric Convection Fan,EZ Clean Porcelain Oven Surface, Manual Clean, Digital Clock/Timer,Stainless Steel Rounded Oven Handles, Chrome Knobs

• Main Oven Capacity 2.4 (Cu. Ft.) Oven Width: 18″” Oven Depth: 17″” Oven Height: 14 Second Oven Capacity 1.5 (Cu. Ft.) Oven Width: 11″” Oven Depth: 17″” Oven Height”” 14″”

• LP Kit Included- Beveled Doors,Cast-Iron Grates and Caps Electronic Ignition Flame Failure Safety Device- Width: 35 7/8″” Height without Backguard: 35 3/8″” – 37 1/4″” Depth: 24″”

Best Dual Fuel Ranges Buying Guide

What is the dual fuel range? ‎ 

Gas cooker panel control and speed as well as the reliability and accuracy of the electric oven together. Dual fuel ranges provide enhanced heat distribution, rapid preheating, and easy control. The dual fuel range can meet all the cooking and baking needs of a home, while also providing a great experience for professional chefs and gourmets.

How to choose a dual fuel range

Temperature Control

Electric ovens are better than natural gas ovens because they have even temperatures. ‎ ‎ to choose the appropriate electric oven can pass the test it how to bake cookies, chocolate cake for dessert, can to pass the barbecue can achieve degree to discern the stand or fall of an electric oven. Because of their uniform heat distribution and ability to reach high temperatures, electric ovens are generally preferred over inefficient gas in most cases. The flame in a charge-burning oven keeps turning on and off when set, resulting in inconsistent cooking temperatures. ‎

Free-Standing Series 

It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, you also can be placed separately, also it can be placed between the bottom ark.

Drop-In Series

Drop-in series dual fuel range is put into a particular cabinet, there is a space at the bottom of the cabinet or wood. The astrologer look is fully integrated, with cabinets that almost exactly fit the cooktop from the sides and bottom.

Slide-in Series

Slide-in dual fuel range its sides provide an integrated look, with your bottom cabinets being seamlessly mounted, while the bottom drawers also have extra storage space. Meanwhile, its controls are located near the top of the front, providing plenty of convenience for your operation.

Dual fuel range appearance

The look of the dual fuel range should blend in with and match the rest of the kitchen appliances and cabinets. My favorite cooktop is made of stainless steel, which is hard-wearing, rust-resistant, antiseptic, and easy to clean, and is used in many appliances. Of course, if you like other materials, you can also choose other products suitable for you according to your preferences.

Power Supply

The dual fuel range requires a gas line and an electrical outlet. The general kitchen will have these two configurations, if not, do not worry, you can find professional workers to install for you. Be sure to share specifications and power requirements with your licensed electrician and plumber.


Be sure to choose the right size for your range. If you’re going to install the range in your current kitchen, it just needs to fit in the space it’s available. And don’t forget depth and height! Your range should be roughly the same depth and height as the cabinet, with one side forming a perfect combination with the cabinet.


Now there are more and more features, including WiFi connectivity, custom cooking programs, cleaning functions, and more, to turn your new products from a part of the kitchen to your favorite part of the kitchen. If you need more features, you can also pay more attention to which product has other special features.

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