Best Gaming Mouse of 2023 [Top 10 Reviews]

BY Nathan Tillman Update: June 9, 2019

You must be “game crazy.”

or a “Programming Master.”

Mouse, keyboard, and PC are a game enthusiast’s standard configuration; without these three top configurations, someone will call you “game crazy.”

Whenever I think of the game to the tense stimulation of the moment, just pay attention to the entire body.

Suddenly, the cursor cannot be found, the game character cannot move, and you must have some kind of impulse to smash the computer.

In fact, you just lack a top-of-the-line gaming mouse.

If you are a programmer, choose a gaming mouse; the extremely fast response speed will bring you a boring programming experience.

Maybe you’re looking for a wired or wireless gaming mouse, Perhaps you prefer lightweight or heavy-duty materials.Maybe you need programmable buttons. Don’t worry, there’s a mouse for you.

Reviews of the Top 10 Gaming Mice

Why should you choose a gaming mouse over a regular mouse?

faster, more accurate, and easier to access.

The game has programmable buttons and more versatility than a traditional mouse.


Razer Viper Ultimate Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Switches – 20K DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma Lighting – 8 Programmable Buttons – 70 Hr Battery – Classic Black

❤ Far More Rapid (by a Factor of 25) Than Other Wireless Mice

Extremely low-latency and decreased interference are combined in the cutting-edge wireless technology developed by Razer.

❤ At 74 grams, this wireless esports mouse makes no concessions and is the lightest of its kind.

The Razer Viper Ultimate has a 20K DPI optical sensor, making it suitable for even the most competitive gamers.


The new optical mouse switches from Razer are activated via light beams and record button presses at the speed of light.


Designed for ease of use by people of both left and right hands, with customizable buttons on both sides.


Utilizing Razer Synapse 3, complex macros can be remapped and assigned with lightning speed.


Glorious Gaming Mouse – Model O 67 g Superlight Honeycomb Mouse, Matte Black Mouse – USB Gaming Mouse


Perfect for gamers with medium to large hands, this ambidextrous mouse has a light weight and is easy to use. Designed to be lightweight and long-lasting without sacrificing speed, control, or comfort.


The low weight of our braided ‘Ascended’ cord makes it easy to work with. This wired mouse has the responsiveness of a wireless model and is the pinnacle of gaming mice.


Our Glorious Skates are made of 100% pure Virgin PTFE and have zero grip on any surface, allowing you to glide effortlessly like blades on ice.


You can customize the mouse’s DPI (in increments of 6) and lighting (in a full spectrum of colors), polling frequency, lift-off distance, click and scroll speed, button configuration (including macros), and more.


Our honeycomb pattern contributed to making a super-light mouse. If you’re looking for the ideal gamer’s mouse, look no further than this honeycomb design.


Glorious Gaming Mouse – Model O Minus RGB Wireless Mouse – 65 g Lightweight Gaming Wireless Mouse – Honeycomb Mouse (Matte White Mouse)

Neither cheap stock mouse feet nor third-party add-ons will be tolerated any longer. If you purchase a Model O Wireless, you will also receive our premium G-Skates, made from 100% pure Virgin PTFE with rounded edges that won’t snag on your pad and will make your mouse glide as smoothly as skate blades on ice. Extra long lasting and only 0.81mm thick.

When compared to other wireless mice, the Model O Wireless has the shortest wireless latency. Clicks are crisp and responsive, and there is no accidental double-clicking thanks to cutting-edge technology.

The model o wireless mouse can be used either wirelessly or with the included bendable USB-C Ascended cable. When connected to a power source, the wireless Model O transforms into an excellent USB Type-C gaming mouse. For wireless access, a dongle is required.

The Model O Wireless is the most power-efficient wireless mouse available. Play for as long as 71 hours without worrying about running out of juice. The quick charging feature will allow you to get back into the action quickly.

The honeycomb design of the honeycomb mouse’s shell aids in reducing weight without compromising durability. This aids in the production of a lightweight mouse, ideal for gaming and general use.

This wireless gaming mouse is the ultimate accessory, complete with programmable RGB lighting and convenient side buttons.


DAREU Vertical Ergonomic 89g Lightweight Optical Mouse, USB Wired RGB Gaming Mouse Reduce Wrist/Hand Strain, 1000/1600/3200/6400 DPI, 6 Buttons for Laptop, Desktop, PC, Mac (White&Blue)

Science-backed ergonomics and lightweight construction.

To avoid twisting your forearm and reducing muscle strain, use DAREU’s vertical mouse to put your hand in a handshake position. 117*75*67.5mm, 89g(not include cable) (not include cable)

Easy on the Hands means Comfortable in the Hands.

After undergoing a special treatment by DAREU, the vertical mouse’s surface is now very smooth and sweat-proof, ensuring that even after extended use, your hands won’t slip.

Insuring High Standards of Quality

DAREU’s vertical mouse has been through rigorous quality control testing and is guaranteed to last a long time. Plus, we back everything we sell with a yearlong guarantee. Within the first year after purchase, please let us know if you experience any issues with the product’s quality and we will do what we can to resolve them.

Distinctive Bionic Tray with Wings and a Tail

To begin, the pressure on the arm can be increased and the weight of the hand is carried by DAREU’s one-of-a-kind Wing Tail Bionic Tray, which also prevents the hand from being unable to receive force while in the air. Second, it can alleviate pain by decreasing friction between the palm of your hand and the desk. Now the tray’s feathery stripes can double as a non-slip surface, thanks to special design.

Robin Theme Design in White and Blue

White and blue robin is preening its feathers while relaxing in a forest paradise full of vibrant colors, freedom, comfort, leisure, and carefree living. Let people completely let go of their cares and exhaustion.


Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch – Chroma RGB Lighting – 26K DPI Optical Sensor – 11 Programmable Buttons – HyperScroll Tilt Wheel – Classic Black

Controls with 10+1 Programmable Buttons:

Use its 11 programmable buttons, including its renowned multi-function trigger, to perform tasks like push-to-talk, ping, and more; these buttons can also be used to assign macros and secondary functions.

With 11 Razer Chroma RGB Lighting Zones, You Can:

Explore the 16.8 million color palette and countless lighting effects available on the Razer Basilisk V3, and bask in its dynamic responses with more than 150 Chroma-integrated games.

Second Generation Razer Optical Mouse Switches:

These switches have an actuation speed of 0.2m s and can withstand up to 70 million clicks without a single accidental activation.

New 26K DPI Optical Sensor for the Razer Focus:

Our top-tier sensor, which features smart features like asymmetric cut-off, flawlessly follows your motion without any smoothing, giving you a quick response and pinpoint precision down to the pixel.

HyperScroll Tilt Wheel by Razer:

Use the scroll wheel’s free-spinning motion to quickly scan through content, or toggle to tactile mode for finer control and more satisfying feedback when selecting weapons or abilities.

Remarkable Ergonomic Layout with a Rest for Your Thumb:

Millions of people around the world prefer mice because of their ergonomic design, which allows for comfortable use and convenient access to their buttons.


Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse: 20K DPI Optical Sensor – 3X Faster Than Mechanical Optical Switch – Chroma RGB Lighting – 70 Hr Battery Life – 8 Programmable Buttons – Classic Black

Optical Sensor with a 20000 Dots Per Inch Focus:

Industry-leading precision thanks to auto-calibration across mouse mat and reduced cursor drift on takeoff and landing.

Quicker by 25% Compared to Other Wireless Mice:

Extremely low-latency and decreased interference are combined in the cutting-edge wireless technology developed by Razer.

Color-Changing RGB Lighting That You Can Personalize To Fit Your Space.

Preset profiles and support for 16.8 million colors are included, and it’s compatible with Razer Chroma-enabled accessories and the Philips Hue lighting system during gameplay.

That’s 70 Straight Hours of Game Play!

The dual-connectivity feature allows for a battery life of up to 120 hours when using Bluetooth and up to 70 hours when using HyperSpeed Wireless.


Razer Naga X Wired MMO Gaming Mouse: 18K DPI Optical Sensor – 2nd-gen Razer Optical Switch – Chroma RGB Lighting – 16 Programmable Buttons – 85g – Classic Black

Rapidly Replacing Old-Fashioned Mechanical Switches:

The buttons on the new Razer optical mice are activated by a light beam and respond at the speed of light.

5G Optical Sensor with High-Resolution of 18,000 DPI

Features programmable, dedicated DPI buttons for instant sensitivity changes in-game

Each of the 16 buttons can be programmed to do the following:

Razer Synapse enables custom button mapping and the assignment of sophisticated macro functions.

Color-Changing RGB Lighting That You Can Personalize To Fit Your Space.

Preset profiles and support for 16.8 million colors are included, and it’s compatible with Razer Chroma-enabled accessories and the Philips Hue lighting system during gameplay.

Tangle-Free Cord for Wireless-Similar Performance:

The use of mouse bungees is unnecessary with Razer Speedflex cables, which greatly reduces weight and drag for unrivaled control.


DELUX Seeker Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse with OLED Screen, BT and USB Receiver, Connect with Up to 4 Devices, Thumb Wheel, 4000DPI, Programmable Rechargeable Silent Mouse(M618XSD-Black)

Read Minds Through Mice

Read the most important settings quickly and easily on the world’s first vertical mouse with an OLED display. Battery life, Digital Pixel Density, and Connection Mode checks outside of the software

Be at One with Nature, Find Solace

With DELUX’s decades of design experience in vertical mice and a focus on user comfort, the DELUX SEEKER features an ergo snail bionic structure for a more natural handshake position, a magnetic wrist rest for added convenience, and a high-precision tracking engine that can achieve a DPI of up to 7200.

Workflow for Multiple Devices

Connect in up to three distinct ways, and use with as many as four different gadgets. Your devices can be linked together via USB-C, 2.4G wirelessly, or BT 5.0(BT1+BT2), allowing you to construct your workflow in a variety of ways.

Navigate in 4 Different Directions

Vertical scrolling is done with a regular wheel, while horizontal scrolling is done with a thumb wheel.

Accomplish More

There are four options for configuring the driver, The effects of light can be arranged in sections; In the “Buttons” sub-section, you’ll learn how to assign any desired action to any given mouse button. Create your automation’s macro section; Modifying DPI, polling rate, scroll speed, and other settings can be done here. Making adjustments to fit your needs and increasing productivity


Ergonomic Mouse,Unique 33 Degree Vertical Wireless Mouse – 2.4GHz Optical Vertical Mice : 3 Adjustable DPI 800/1200/1600 Levels, for Laptop, PC, Computer, Desktop, Notebook etc, Right Hand( Large)


To encourage a more ergonomic stance, smoother movement, and less muscle strain, Wireless Vertical Mice have been designed in an ergonomic natural handshake position and tested with criteria established by leading ergonomists. A 2A battery has a 6-month continuous runtime and a 1-year standby time.


When your thumb is resting comfortably on the thumb rest and your wrist is supported by the ergonomically designed 33° vertical angle, you experience a 31% reduction in wrist pressure and hand fatigue.


NEWTRAL’s increased sensitivity and adjustable DPI settings of 800, 1200, and 1600 allow for precise tracking across a variety of surfaces, and the sensor’s clickable design means you can move quickly between different areas. The majority of computers with a USB2.0 port will work.


Systems running Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X, and Linux are all supported. Use a USB dongle for instant connectivity to your Macbook/iMac, desktop/laptop/PC, or other device. WARNING: The OS does not support the back button. Compatible with USB 2.0.


Optional sizing allows for a customized fit: Mini, Regular, and Jumbo, Left Hand and Right Hand


Redragon M686 Wireless Gaming Mouse, 16000 DPI Wired/Wireless Gamer Mouse with Professional Sensor, 45-Hour Durable Power Capacity, Customizable Macro and RGB Backlight for PC/Mac/Laptop

Wireless Advantage: Infinite Gains

Redragon M686 wireless gaming mouse with 2.4Ghz dongle eliminates the lag that cables cause in the heat of battle. The game’s focus is on providing the most authentic mouse-moving experience possible, with the hope of boosting your KDA.

Acme 16000 DPI Scalable Resolution

With its five adjustable DPI settings (1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, and 16000), this mouse can track your every mouse click with pinpoint precision. Software allows you to quickly and easily adjust between any of the five available DPI settings.

With Macro, It’s Simple to Map Keys

The 8 programmable buttons can be mapped to any combination of keys for use in tactical situations in any activity. Plus, the three macro buttons on the sides improve productivity and gaming.

Extra Durable Center

With a 1000Hz Polling Rate in dual mode and an Optical Pixart PAW3335 sensor, mouse usage is drastically cut down. Thanks to its long-lasting rechargeable battery, the mouse can keep you playing for as long as 45 hours (eco mode)!

Modifiable Authentic Color

With the Redragon Pro driver, you can make a statement in any number of ways, from dynamic streaming and breathing to glowing and glowing with various lighting modes to illuminate your room and give you an edge in any game.

Gaming mouse buying guide

What is a gaming mouse?

To put it simply, the mouse is a mouse with a lot of buttons on it to meet the needs of the game.

Besides the left and right keys and the wheel, it also provided the left and right sides of the mouse with multiple function keys, the functions of these keys can be reset.

Generally, the game mouse is more reasonable than the ordinary mouse design, more in line with how the human body feels.

Because early computer performance was low, computer games were simple to play; an ordinary mouse could meet the needs of players.

However, with the continuous upgrading of hardware performance, the fun and complexity of the game are also increasing, and the requirements for using the mouse are getting higher and higher.

The requirements for performing the mouse have reached a peak since the appearance of competitive games.

The traditional mouse is also difficult to use to meet the demanding demands of competitive games.

As a result, it created special mice designed for games.

Differences between a game mouse and a regular mouse

  • Optical Mouse Sensor

This is the fundamental difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. The game mouse requires more accurate positioning and does not lose frames.

The traditional mouse can not do, if their own casual entertainment, not feeling.

If it’s a competitive game, a good mouse can make an enormous difference.

The most important is the DPI; the common range is 400–600 DPI. Professional gaming mice are above 1000 DPI.

  • Rich function keys

Macro-programming a game mouse provides redundant side keys, allows users to define their own keyboard key combinations, can save a lot of time and energy, and is more convenient.

  • Despite their different appearances

Ergonomic design: The game mouse is made with the shape of the hand in mind because of its ergonomic design.

It has a high arch back and anti-slip concave on both sides, which makes it very comfortable for fingers to put on it and ensures the texture between the mouse and fingers to the maximum extent.

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