Best Robots For Kids 2023: The Definitive Guide

BY Nathan Tillman Update: June 2, 2019

You should get your child a good high-tech toy if you want him or her to be a high-tech kid.

The coolest robot toys are the best choice for you.

Some robots require assembly, which can help your child’s manual dexterity.

It will help them read and follow instructions, encouraging analytical thinking.

Working with parents or friends to assemble their newest robot will teach them how to work as part of a team.

Reviews of the Best Robots for Kids

We’re talking about robots for kids, robot toys for kids, and coding robots that have benefits far beyond typical playthings.

We recommend 16 of the best robots for children. All you have to do is choose one that is age-appropriate for your child and has a reasonable level of difficulty.

We recommend the 16 best robots for kids. All you have to do is pick one that is age-appropriate for your kid and has a level of difficulty that suits them.


Hamourd Robot Toys, Kids Toys Rechargeable RC Robots, Remote Control Toy with Auto-Demonstration, Flexible Head & Arms, Dance Moves, Music, and Shining LED Eyes, Gifts for Boys and Girls

Because it can perform a wide range of tasks, this robot toy is suitable for playing alongside children. Children and parents are able to communicate more frequently thanks to a technology that eliminates interference at 2.4 gigahertz and allows both generations to play together.

Simply pressing the “DEMO” button will cause this RC robot to begin its own personal performance, during which it will perform a dance while making amusing noises and blinking its eyes.

The LED Eyes will not light up until you press them for the first time. To make the eyes blink, you must press the LED Eyes button a second time. To disable the LED Eyes, press the button twice in quick succession.

The upper body of the robot can rotate at the head and arms, and the head of the robot can rotate over an angle of ninety degrees. Because the robot’s arms are flexible, you can model them in a variety of different ways. The bottom section is organized to function like the unbroken track of a tank.

Your power adapter, portable power supply, or laptop computer can all be used to charge your remote-controlled robot. There is a maximum playtime of one hundred minutes after a full charge, which may be achieved in around sixty minutes. There are already 2 AA batteries installed in the remote control for your convenience.



When you switch on the robot, its LED eyes can light up, and you can use the joystick to make them blink or close. Smart Voice: When the robot is turned on, it will begin speaking. He can also sing various songs, which can be switched by remote; the robot can move flexibly forward, backward, left, and right thanks to the tank’s track. It will start spinning 360 degrees and dancing in demo mode, its limbs and head moving freely.


This adorable and humorous robot has three distinct components. The head and arms are flexible, and the upper portion is a cute robot with two LED eyes. It’s awesome how the bottom portion is made to look like a tank’s continuous track! Your baby will be absorbed by songs. Your baby will adore this toy present since it combines a nice appearance, lovely huge eyes, flexible limbs, and a clever speech function.


The RC robot, which has six wheels, tank-style tracks, and a 2.4GHz remote controller, can move and dance under the child’s control and is the perfect entry-level remote-control toy. Children will have countless hours of pleasure with a one-click demonstration of automatic dancing. Multiple robots can operate simultaneously thanks to the 2.4G Hz no interference controller.


This simple-to-use robot can encourage young children who have only just developed a cognition of the world to start using their creativity and practical skills. The happy singing will significantly increase the children’s ability to communicate in language, and the adorable forms will make kids happy and encourage their physical and mental well-being.


Robot Toys for 5 6 7 8 9 Years Old Boys, Programmable RC Robot Kids Toys | Gesture Sensing Robotic Toys for Kids Ages 5-7 | Semour Robot Toys Christmas Birthday Gifts for Boys Girls Kids

Looking for an instructive baby toy? Our RC robot may impress your kids. The smart robot sings, tells stories, learns science, and speaks English when you press the RC controller. The robot toy will entertain your child.

The programmable robot toy can also demonstrate your kids’ creativity. After selecting programmable mode, the child can click the buttons to write a new movement command. They can program up to 50 actions with 10+ buttons.

When you hit the 5 right buttons on the remote control, the robot toy walks slowly and turns left, right, fast forward, and backward.

The robot’s four wheels allow it to slide quickly over smooth floors. Left 5 controller buttons select slide direction.

Press the light button to change the robot toy’s eye color. Create your robot toy.

The robot toy tells four science stories and dances once you push the science mode button, providing limitless excitement for kids.

A computer, power bank, or other device can charge the robot toy over USB.

After pressing the buttons, this smart robot sings and dances to three dance tracks.

The robot toy includes a detachable shield and a launcher with 3 shots. The role-playing game starts after installation.



The flexible joints and skating wheels of the smart robot toy allow it to provide kids more enjoyment. It has several intriguing features, including the ability to dance, sing, stroll, and tell stories. This robot is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an educational present for children between the ages of 5-7.


Hand gestures and controllers can be used to control the remote control robot toy. The robot toy has a sensor receiver installed into its chest zone, which allows it to move forward, backward, left, and right in response to your gestures. The 2.4GHz remote controller has additional entertaining features.


You may program the robot toy to perform a series of actions, such as forward+left+dancing, and it will record your command and replay your programmed movements. It will encourage young children to be imaginative and creative.


The RC robot is fueled by internal batteries that are connected directly to a USB charging port, such as a plug or power bank. After around two hours of charging, it may play for 60 minutes.


The robot toy will come with three pieces of ammunition and a removable launcher and shield that can be easily installed on the robot’s arms. Ideal for family activities like games or pretend play with kids


MiP Arcade – Interactive Self-Balancing Robot – Play App-Enabled or Screenless Games with RC, Dancing & Multiplayer Modes

You can select between playing MiP Arcade’s games entirely without a screen or downloading one of the 20+ app-enabled titles. You may exercise your brain, memory, and reflexes by playing brain train games. One MiP can provide hours of fun for a group of people playing multiplayer games together, such as a family or group of friends trying to beat a particular game’s top score. MiP is a robot pal with loads of character. Learn all the unique retorts, hilarious facial expressions, and fantastic dance skills your MiP has to offer. Your new self-balancing companion has cutting-edge features like Bluetooth and GestureSense technology to keep the fun going nonstop while you ride. There are three MiP Arcade basketballs and one tray attachment included in the package. The new MiP Arcade app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Intended for those who are at least 6 years old.



Presenting MiP Arcade, the upgraded version of WowWee’s acclaimed self-balancing robot that brings the arcade to your house.


Test your memory, reflexes, mental acuity, and jump shots! compatible with the newly released MiP Arcade App, which is cost-free on Google Play and the Apple Store.


Play without a screen with MiP Arcade one-on-one. To access even more RC, Brain Train, and arcade games, get the free MiP Arcade app!


You can contact MiP Arcade, and it keeps your belongings as well. Move, stabilize, and stack!


One tray attachment, one hoops attachment, and three basketballs are all included with MiP Arcade.


98K Robot Toy for Boys and Girls, Smart Talking Robots Intelligent Partner and Teacher with Voice Control and Touch Sensor, Singing, Dancing, Repeating, Gift Toys for Kids of Age 3 and Up

Our robot toy is both a cool toy and a useful playmate for children, as it is equipped with a number of different features. Our son or daughter will make a terrific buddy when the time comes. The most wonderful baby gift imaginable.

As well as being a ton of fun, it also introduces kids to the world of robots and cutting-edge technology.

It’s a great way for parents and kids to bond with this robot. It’s a great way to bond with your kids and be a better parent.

The robot is able to rotate, play music, dance, turn left and right, and go forward and backward.

To avoid slowing down due to friction, the robot should be kept off the carpet.

Just in case the robot still doesn’t function after you put batteries in it. Make sure you check the battery compartment.

A hand on its head causes it to start singing. If you touch both ears with your hand, something will happen.

To prevent an accidental response, avoid touching the sensor more than once.

Each time you can rewind for 8 seconds. There is a maximum of three recordings each session.

The robot’s word speech recognition could be affected by background noise.



Our plaything robot can play alongside kids and has a range of features. He can be an excellent friend to our child when he or she needs one. a wonderful gift for your child.


He is skilled at walking, talking, playing music, dancing, and recording. Be a good friend to your kids as well as a good teacher.


It is built with three touch-sensitive areas and a microphone button, making it simple to use and capable of responding to voice commands. even a young toddler could utilize it easily.


Certified to US TOY Safety Standards ASTM F963. Our intelligent robot is constructed from odorless, eco-friendly ABS plastic. Unending fun for children, 100% safe.


It has several uses and has a wonderful appearance. Only 3xAAA batteries are needed to turn on (not included). You can carry and store it anyplace because it is small, light, and flexible.


GILOBABY Kids Robot Toy, Interactive Smart Talking Robot with Voice Controlled Touch Sensor Speech Recognition, Singing, Dancing, Repeating, Recording, Birthday Gifts for Children Boys & Girls Age 3-8

If you touch and hold the recording button, the smart robot will enter the record mode. Each recording can be up to 8 seconds long, and there is space for a total of three recordings on the device.

If you touch the ears of the intelligent robot, it will speak robot language and move in the directions of forward, backward, left, right, and 360 degrees.

To alter the volume on the smart robot, touch and hold either of its ears. There are a total of seven volume settings.

If you touch the head of the intelligent robot, it will say “bipo bipo” in robot language and either move forward, backward, or walk in circles.

To activate the voice repeat function of the smart robot, simply touch and hold its head for a few seconds. It will then repeat what you say. Touching the screen one more will end the repeat mode.

When the smart robot is in voice command mode, you are able to have interactive conversations with the robot by saying things like “Come here” or “Can you dance?” and the robot will answer and perform the requested activities.



The smart robot will enter record mode when you long press the button, allowing you to record for 3 total recordings of 8 seconds each. Shortly pressing the button will cause the recordings to repeat.


When you press the sensor button, the kid’s robot toy will move forward, move backward, turn left, turn right, and spin 360 degrees. Additionally, it is good at conversing, singing, and dancing, which makes it a terrific buddy and instructor for your children.


Children will spend many hours playing with the interactive, intelligent talking robot, honing their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, color recognition, and creativity, all of which are crucial for boosting their intelligence and self-assurance.


You’ll adore our smart robots if you’re looking for the perfect and most exciting gift for a birthday, Christmas, or festival. Playing with loved ones and friends is always enjoyable, and GILOBABY allows everyone to take part.

Quality & Child Safety Assured:

Made of BPA-free, sturdy, smooth ABS material with no burrs on the edge to safeguard children’s hands. If you’re not completely happy with our products, we’ll offer a worry-free 12-month warranty and helpful customer assistance.


Robot Toy for Kids, Smart RC Robots for Kids with Touch and Sound Control Robotics Intelligent Programmable, Robot Toy with Walking Dancing Singing Talking Transfering Items for Boys Girls (White)

This is a smart remote control rc robot that can be operated by children and makes an excellent toy for them. Every child has the right to a carefree and joyful childhood experience. Our remote-controlled robot represents the optimism that your child will improve both physically and cognitively as they grow older. Children are encouraged to investigate the many functions that are available to them. Your youngster has the ability to act as a mini-master and give commands to the robot, telling it to walk, slide, turn, sing, dance, and so on. Your child is going to have a great deal of fun with this educational robot.

In addition to being entertaining, Cady Wile can also be educational. Your child can learn to build healthy financial management habits and the virtues of saving with the help of this toy because it has a piggy bank attached to its head.

This highly sophisticated machine is capable of recording your voice. Simply talk by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. After that, he will repeat what you have just stated verbatim. He will imitate the sounds of three distinct monstrous creatures. The children will enjoy it very much.

Our robot is powered by a built-in USB cable, and after being fully charged for one hour, it can provide a playing period of sixty to eighty minutes. Two AAA batteries are required for the remote control.



Most kids adore this functional, clever robot toy! With the help of the wireless remote that is supplied, it speaks recorded messages and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. It offers youngsters hours of entertainment and instruction while introducing them to robots and cutting-edge technology. Very simple to use and enjoy. such a clever kid’s robot


For certain actions, simply tap the robot’s head’s top. alternatively, command with handclaps and vocal commands It’s simple to record your own voices to speak and say for the robot. Excellent and humorous playmate for kids.


Featuring dance music tracks pre-programmed. You can make this little man your new dance partner to make your day better and impress your friends. It has a detachable tray that can be used to deliver snacks, drinks, and other small goods. A robot personal assistant is now at your disposal!


Place coins in the convenient slot on top of the head. It provides kids with a helpful way to discover the benefits of conserving money. Coins can be removed using the latching head drawer. This robot was developed with excellent craftsmanship, stunning design, and durability in mind. With a 2.4 GHz sophisticated CPU, it can do complex functions and movements.


okk Robot Toys for Kids, Programmable Remote Control Robot, Interactive Toys with Coin Piggy Bank, Smart Educational Robot with LED and Tray, Walking Talking Singing Dancing Robot Gift for Boys Girls

Clap your hands, and the interactive toys will perform the action that corresponds to it. This will allow youngsters to interact with the toys, which will captivate their interest.

The intelligent singing and dancing robot will sing and dance, turn on the eye and ear lights, and quickly depict the atmosphere with vivid colors that are rich and brilliant.

You can initiate a new command that’s been programmed into the system by touching the top of the toy robot’s head, and then you can watch it move!


Robot with programmable remote control:

The OKK robot toy can go back and forth, left and right, but it can also be programmed to do whatever you want. It will begin operating in line with the instructions you offer, which will foster your child’s creativity.

Display of Singing and Dancing Robots:

Your child’s tiny dance partner will be this kid-friendly, intelligent robot! Your youngster will have a great time dancing and enjoying the upbeat music because they have bright eyes and ears, which enhance the dance’s appeal. Use the remote control to adjust the sound to the ideal volume.

Robot Toy with Several Interactive Modes:

Clapping your hands and touching the interactive toy robot’s head will issue the matching command. Switch to voice interaction mode, say “Hello,” and the talking robot will record what you said and repeat it in one of three voices.

Personal Daily Coin Bank and Assistant:

You never would have guessed that this robot head hides a small coin jar with a lock so you can retrieve your coins without having to smash the jar! Improve your child’s ability to budget and save! This interactive robot has a detachable tray that can move objects when instructed, making it both a gift and a tool for distributing gifts.

Rechargeable Walking Robot of High Quality:

There is no need to be concerned about safety because the educational robot toy is built of high-quality materials. Power is provided by an internal rechargeable battery, and a USB data cable is included for charging. Kids will love receiving this all-in-one clever robot as a gift for their birthday or the holidays.


usmart Remote Control Robot Dog Toy for Kids,RC Robot Dog with Voice and Light Walking Programmble Dancing Interactive Smart Robot Dog for Kids Boy Age 7,8,9 Years Old

You may interact with the remote-controlled robot dog by touching its chin in order to program it, and it is capable of performing a wide variety of movements, including singing and dancing.

The actual robot dog comes with its own 3.7V 600mAh battery, which has a charge period of approximately 120 minutes when completely charged but only allows for approximately 40 minutes of play time.

The remote control requires two 1.5V AAA batteries, and in order to open it, you will need to use a screwdriver. The battery for the robot dog looks like what is depicted in the picture; to use it, you will first need to ensure that the correct electrodes are connected, and then place the battery inside the compartment before closing the cover.


Premium Material

To ensure long-lasting performance, safety, and non-toxicity, the ABS plastic used in the construction of our robot dog toys for children is strong and resistant to shattering. Your children won’t be injured by the remote control dog because its body is smooth and rounded, and it has no rough corners. The rc robot dog’s motions are made more dexterous and fluid by its incorporation of flexible limbs.

Toy for dogs that is a multipurpose robot

To make the intelligent robot dog perform a variety of behaviors, such as forward, backward, turning left, turning right, handstand, sitting down, acting like a spoilt brat, pushing up, singing, dancing, etc., all you need to do is use the remote control. Robot canines that mimic the behavior of actual dogs while providing hours of amusement and can be controlled with the click of a button.

Intelligent Toy Dog That Can Be Controlled Via Remote Control And Is Programmable

You are able to program the pet robot dog to carry out according to your specifications by pressing a number of action buttons that correspond to the desired actions. The pet robot dog is capable of having up to one hundred actions programmed into it, and after programming is complete, multiple actions can be realized continuously show. When the eyes of the rc dog toy are illuminated, they take the form of a heart and give off a dimmer yellow light, both of which contribute to a sensation of extreme coziness.

A Battery That Can Be Recharged

The remote control for the robot dog toy requires two 1.5VAAA batteries, but the toy itself comes with an internal rechargeable battery that is 3.7V 500mAh and is provided (not included). The intelligent robot dog will provide around 40 minutes of amusement after being charged through USB for a period of two hours. If you want the toy dog to be active again after it has gone into sleep mode, you will need to turn it back on.


Remote Control Robot Dog for Boys Girls Age 3 4 5+, Programmable Interactive & Smart Dancing Walking RC Robot Dog Toys with Touch Function, Voice Control, Electronic Dog Pets Toys Gifts for Kids(Blue)

Voice control, walk forward, Demo, handstand, push-ups, sit down, crouch down, Wrath, lean over, and say hello are some of the commands available for this intelligent robot dog. The controller has the ability to exercise control over all of the actions.

If you touch the dog’s chin, it will make adorable sounds and movements and engage with you. This function is called the “interaction function.” It is possible for it to be an excellent addition for children.

Function for Programming: You can program the actions whatever you like, and then the dog will perform them exactly how you designed them.

Singing and Dancing: The dog knows three dances to music, and it allows youngsters to dance along with it, which makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Children can give the remote-controlled dog directions such as “Sing a song,” “Stand up,” “Attention,” “Sit down,” “Handstand,” “Say hello,” “Push-ups,” and so on, and the puppy toy will obey them, just like a real pet dog would in a family’s daily life.

The robotic puppy’s interactive features allow it to behave just like a real dog. If you don’t push any buttons after turning it on, the intelligent dog will automatically perform some actions and produce some sounds in order to get your attention.


Dog Interactive Robot

Your kid will delight in the enjoyment of these activities as this intelligent remote control puppy dog does various dances to various songs. Your youngster can touch the robotic dog’s jaw, and it will make a noise on the floor in response. The RC robot dog toy’s eyes have the shape of a heart and emit a soft yellow glow when they are bright, which makes you feel incredibly cozy.

Multipurpose robot dog toy

The intelligent robot dog may be programmed to perform a variety of tasks with the help of a remote control, including moving forward, moving backward, turning left or right, handstands, sitting down, acting spoilt, pushing up, singing, and dancing. Fun and enjoyable bionic action that can be completed with a single click and is as realistic as a puppy to accompany your kids. With this robot toy, children can interact with it easily and practice their auditory discrimination and finger dexterity.

RC dog with intelligent programming

Programming the remote control robot dog to carry out various tasks can stimulate the imagination. Up to 100 actions can be programmed by pressing multiple chosen action buttons; once the programming is complete, numerous actions can be realized and shown constantly. Allowing the robot to perform various tasks will help your child learn programming.

High-grade and secure materials

The intelligent robot toy is composed of BPA-free, non-toxic ABS plastic, has no sharp edges or corners, and is completely safe for children to play with. A built-in rechargeable battery with a 3.7V 600mAh capacity powers the robot dog toy (included). Please be aware that the remote control requires two AAA batteries to function.


PAI TECHNOLOGY BOTZEES Coding Robots for Kids, Remote Control Robot, STEM Toys, Gift for Boys and Girls Age 4+ (APP Based, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire Compatible)

This coding robot set has 130 different blocks in a variety of shapes, as well as 2 motors, 1 sensor, and everything else you need to have hours of fun with the Botzees EDU software. Each kit has the potential to construct up to eight prefabricated Botzees. Alternately, children can design and build their own personalized Botzees robot, which is a fantastic way to foster their imagination, perseverance, focus, and logical reasoning.

Botzees is a robotics coding kit for youngsters above the age of 4 that combines building and programming. Six distinct Botzees have already been built for kids to program and code, and kids can even design their own! The free program allows users to teach their Botzees to move, drum, dance, create music, and light up. The 130 blocks are of different shapes and sizes and have smooth edges so that kids can easily pick them up and start building right away. Includes a coding and construction instruction software. The 30 interactive Augmented Reality challenges included in the supplementary AR app are a great way to practice and learn about coding topics, and they work with most modern mobile devices.

Using the accompanying software, Botzees robots may be programmed to move, drum, dance, produce music, and light up. Thirty augmented reality challenges provide visual clues to educate even more coding principles. The STEM coding robot toy makes for a great holiday present for young minds. It’s fantastic for youngsters because it helps them learn to be patient, focused, and rational.

The Kindle Fire, iPad, and iPhone are all compatible with the Botzees EDU app. To find this product, shop for “Botzees EDU” Botzees AR, a free augmented reality app, works with iOS 12+ with ARKit and Android 8+ with ARCore. Make sure your iOS or Android device is compatible with ARKit or AR Core.

Travels in an Augmented Reality World The teaching of computer code is essential.

Enjoy countless hours inside a gorgeously rendered virtual setting. Assist your Botzee robot as it searches for missing components, works through challenges, and interacts with helpful humans. Enjoy 30 different coding games in an immersive augmented reality setting replete with humorous narratives. Learning useful skills has never been more fun than it is right now.



With the help of the companion software, Botzees robots can move, drum, dance, produce music, and light up. With visual hints, 30 interactive augmented reality challenges teach even more coding topics. Children will love receiving the STEM coding robot toy as a Christmas present. It significantly enhances children’s creativity, tolerance, focus, and capacity for logical thought.


The kit comes with 130 creatively shaped blocks, two motors, one sensor, and all the parts required for hours of play. From each kit, up to 6 pre-designed Botzees can be constructed. Kids can also design their own special Botzees; the options are endless.


Younger students are introduced to coding and augmented reality thanks to this STEM toy! Round parts combined with motors and sensors make for amusing robots! Our fascinating and entertaining game will teach you coding along the way! Ideal gift for kids 4 and older, both boys and girls.


The Botzees app is available for both iOS and Android and is compatible with ARKit-enabled iOS 12+ and ARCore-enabled Android 8+ devices. Please check to see if your device is compatible with ARCore or ARKit for iOS users. Please email us to get a version of the app that doesn’t require AR if your device doesn’t support it.


Botzees is acknowledged by institutions like Purdue University, PareSTEM Toysagazine, and Mothering Magazine as a leading global brand and award-winning STEM toy.

Robots For Kids Buying Guide

Robots are the future, and if you have a child in your life who loves robots, then it’s time to get them one. This robot buying guide is designed to help you find an outstanding robot for your child.

The first thing you need to do is assess what type of robot your child wants. Do they want a toy, or do they want a full-fledged educational model? Knowing this, you will be able to choose the right one for them.

Why should children use robots?

STEM literacy

Not only is it fun, but it’s also an extension of STEM learning on an interesting basis.

Robots are a great way to incorporate STEM principles into education.

Many tasks require imagination during the design and construction phases.

Coding and mechanical design are two skills that robots are particularly good at encouraging.

Skill Expansion 

The kit has a lot of different building parts that can be put together to make a wide range of simple and complicated mechanical structures.

ability to think logically

Logical programming is very important in robot learning.

A child robot goes through a set of rigorous procedures to achieve the designer’s requirements. So, they should only write a good implementation program after giving it a lot of thought in order to get their own ideas done and make the robot do what they want.

This kind of logical thinking ability is very important for children’s intellectual development and is the most important ability to train in robot learning.

Practical Ability

Strengthening the cultivation of practical ability is an important way to develop children’s intelligence.

Children’s robots build, program, debug, and operate entirely on their own.

The training of children’s hands-on abilities through play is more comprehensive, richer, and more fun than training in other ways.

Children love it, and it is one of the better ways to cultivate children’s hands-on abilities.


A good suite allows customization—multiple builds and multiple programming options.

In this way, the child can build a project, program the robot to perform various functions, and then build another robot.

When Can A Child Begin Using A Robot?

Robot programming can be taught to children aged 3 and up.

These very early formative years are definitely worth encouraging and developing.

You can almost start to understand programming logic and use logical reasoning at age five.

A child who is creative and interested will learn more quickly, and playing with robots is a surefire way to get them interested in learning through interaction.

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